Last Updated: 3-May-2020

As LAVAHEALTH is a Singapore based company, we bill all our customers in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and allow the customer’s card issuing company to process the conversion. The pricing that we offer in local currency is a close approximate (based on exchange rates at the time of purchase). The card issuing company will then process the transaction from your account utilizing the exchange rate that they are currently offering. That amount may slightly differ from the rate of exchange that we are showing on our site. Your card issuing company may also charge you a conversion fee. LAVAHEALTH is not responsible for these fees.

The following payment methods are accepted by LAVAHEALTH.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB are accepted and processed through a secured gateway provided by Stripe.

If there are sufficient funds and the account information is valid, the transaction will be processed immediately and the Credit Card will be charged for both available items and for Pre-Order items, which will be shipped when the items become available.

LAVAHEALTH kindly advise our customers to apply for additional security or PIN code such as Verified by Visa or SecureCode by Mastercard. You may wish to check with your card provider for more information.


Customers may also choose to pay with their Alipay Account. For more information, please visit the official website of Alipay: intl.alipay.com


Customers may also choose to pay or offset part of their purchases with Lava Reward Points during checkout. For more information, please refer to LAVA Rewards.


Customers who have received a gift card may choose to pay or offset part of their purchase with the virtual gift card and the balance may be settled via the available payment methods during checkout. Gift card code can only be used by the email address the gift card was addressed to and is non-transferable. For more information, please refer to Virtual Gift Card.


If you have never placed an order with LAVAHEALTH before, your first order may be slightly delayed until we verified your information. We do this to protect you against fraud and verify that the card being used to place the order is from the actual card holder. Please know that once you have gone through our initial screening process, subsequent orders are usually much faster to process. 

LAVAHEALTH reserves the rights to ship the order only to the BILLING ADDRESS.