USANA CellSentials


USANA’s patented triple-action cellular nutrition system: Core Minerals ™ and Vita Antioxidant ™.

112 Tablets / Bottle
Made in USA
Halal Certified Seal of Approval

Key Ingredients: Vitamin A (维生素A), Vitamin D (维生素D), B Vitamin (族维生素B), Magnesium (镁), Iodine (碘), Cystine (胱氨酸) & InCelligence Complex

Directions: Adult take two (2) tablets each twice daily, preferably with food.

Health Benefits:

  • Formulated with patented** USANA InCelligence® technology to unlock cell-communication codes with proprietary nutrient blends that help activate your cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves
  • Supplies carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants and a balanced range of highly-absorbable essential minerals and trace minerals
  • Provides an essential foundation of nourishment plus powerful antioxidant protection and mitochondrial renewal support for the long-term health of your cells


Laboratory Tested, Potency Guaranteed. Meets USP Specifications for Potency, Uniformity and Disintegration where applicable.

Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking a prescription drug or have a medical condition.

** (US Pat. No. 10,632,101)

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 The USANA Difference 

Meet our award-winning, top-rated multivitamin duo. USANA CellSentials brings Core Minerals (核心矿物质) and Vita Antioxidant (抗氧化维生素) together to support your optimal health. The unique, patented InCelligence Complex engages nutrition at the cellular level. Created with a full-spectrum of balanced, high-quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients (植物营养素) for comprehensive support for your long-term health.

The CellSentials are formulated to meet the needs of generally healthy adults of any age who eat a balanced diet. They offer excellent nutritional support for the entire body:

 Nourish Your Cellular Health with Optimal Amounts of Essential Nutrients 

Core Minerals is a premium blend of highly absorbable minerals (矿物质) plus a valuable amino acid and vitamin C. Minerals are essential elements for health and well-being. Your body couldn’t function without them. They play a role in all physiological processes and help balance and regulate your body chemistry.

    • Magnesium (镁)
    • Calcium (钙)
    • Iodine (碘)
    • Zinc (锌)
    • Selenium (硒)
    • Chromium (铬)
    • Manganese (锰)
    • Boron (硼)
    • Molybdenum (钼)
    • Vanadium (钒)
    • Copper (铜)
    • Silicon (硅)
    • Cystine (胱胺酸)
    • Ultra-Trace Minerals (超微量矿物质)

Vita Antioxidant supplies a carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants, plus the InCelligence Complex for your whole-body well-being.

    • Vitamin A (维生素A)
    • Vitamin C (维生素C)
    • B Vitamins (维生素B族)
    • Vitamin D (维生素D)
    • Vitamin K (维生素K)
    • Vitamin E and Mixed Tocopherols (维生素E和混合生育酚)
    • Lutein (叶黄素)
    • Lycopene (茄红素)
    • Choline (胆碱)
    • Coenzyme Q10 (辅酶Q10)

InCelligence Complex inside Vita Antioxidant contains a powerful blend of ingredients that supports a network of cell-signaling pathways.

    • Alpha Lipoic Acid (α–硫辛酸)
    • Olivol® Olive-Fruit Extract (Olivol® 橄榄果实萃取物)
    • Green Tea Extract (绿茶萃取物)
    • Quercetin (槲皮素)
    • Resveratrol (白藜芦醇)
    • Rutin & Hesperidin (芦丁和橙皮苷)
    • Curcumin (姜黄素)

 Feel Your Best Every Day 

Your lifestyle is unique. Your diet, activity levels, environment, sleep patterns, and stress levels all bring unique challenges to the health and integrity of your cells. You can help your cells adapt to those unique needs. Support your overall health with the CellSentials—a strong nutritional foundation you can build on.

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 USANA Essential 5 Boosters 

CellSentials can be added to a core nutritional regimen of Proflavanol C100 for increased antioxidant protection. Take it in conjunction with Coquinone 30, BiOmega and MangeCal D for a robust nutritional boost

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Essentials, Halal Certified

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